Agency Vs In-House Marketing: Which Is Better?

I’ve met hundreds of company owners who confess to being baffled by a crucial strategic move: “Do I recruit in-house marketers or partner with a marketing firm?”

  No matter if you’re a member of a 2-person start-up or a rising group of more than 50 employees, it’s not the easiest question to answer. As there are advantages of partnering with a digital marketing firm, there is no question that there are drawbacks. So, at the expense of sounding cliché, the same thing applies to company owners dealing with this in-house vs. agency discussion: one size doesn’t suit everything!

The aim is to identify your firm’s marketing objectives and to evaluate them against the strengths and limitations of your staff. Now, I know that honestly evaluating your limits is no idea of entertainment, but it is a critical process in deciding whether your marketing efforts can remain in-house or receive help from outside specialists.

These are some of the things you need to consider before coming to a conclusion.

Your Company Culture, Vision and Values

I’m going to take a guess here, saying that you’d like to partner with marketers who align themselves with your business’s philosophy, values and visions; most of them do. And broadly speaking, it’s simpler to do this by employing from within. Generally, a full-time internal worker is far more deeply involved in the performance and development of an organization than any external agency team would have been. Given the obligation of a marketing firm to a variety of different customers, it is more difficult for outside marketers to truly grasp the day-to-day values and culture of an organization.

The Necessity for Wide-Ranging Knowledge Base

 Based on the firms marketing strategy the staff may need to have access to a variety of different set of skills, such as web design, social media skills, email marketing, PPC ads – you get the idea. And trust me when I say that creating an in-house department equipped with all this expertise is no cakewalk. The agencies are, of course, already staffed with experienced experts who practice in all aspects of digital marketing. In other words, agency teams can be your one-stop shop for all advertising material. 

Whether it’s an Adelaide digital marketing agency or a Melbourne marketing agency, they will always have plenty of expertise.

The Notorious Workplace Bureaucracy 

Very seldom will you encounter a professional admit that they enjoy office politics. But it’s difficult to avoid; problems occur, interruptions happen, and – as humans – the amount of service can directly be impacted as the office controversy gets in the way.

It’s just normal, particularly when a skilled team working in such proximity day after day. But this is not a concern when the advertisement is handled by an outside entity. As third-party advertisers, an agency team should concentrate on one thing and just one thing: the company’s marketing plan.

Numerous businesses prefer to outsource all or most of their advertising campaigns to digital marketing firms. These companies are completely formed with the necessary personnel, experience and tools to provide subcontracted full-service online marketing services. If you may not have a budget to employ a fully staffed marketing department, employing a digital marketing agency may be a cost-effective choice. At the expense of hiring a social media manager, you can retain a reputable social media company and gain access to a wide variety of digital marketing experts.

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