2021 has been a rollercoaster of a year so far, and we’re already more than halfway past the year. It feels like January was just days ago! This lockdown has got us all in a pickle, having to transition from physical spaces to virtual presence to make sure your work stays the same, or your company shifts with the time, so on and so forth.

So of course, this means there’s been a whole change in axes when it comes to trends, drastic and exponential within months of each other, for the past two years that we’ve been having COVID-19 hassling the world at large. Web development Melbourne in this context has been no stranger to these shifts in trends and so we have seen a major number of trends within the past few months that have consisted of this year, 2021 alone.

Without dragging it on for much longer, let me just get right into it, so you my friend can get the buzz in the most layman’s terms.

First to begin with of course, the easiest and most known things in the world of web designing for noobs and experts alike, is the ins and outs of anything and everything to do with AI and bots.

Artificial Intelligence and Bots:

It is almost unanimously believed by all out there that by the time next year rolls around, bots will be even more involved in self-learning which loosely translates into easily being able to identify and correlate a specific user’s needs with the required function and/ or behavior. This will eventually lead to companies being able to save up on costs on a large basis by being able to replace their human resources of particular menial functions with Artificial Intelligence / bots.

The biggest advantages of this of course being that there will be round the clock problem solving potential for the companies that do decide to go with it, and 24/7 customer care in which way form possible in this day and age is an option we just can’t not take up.

Voice search optimization:

We’re not talking just Google Home, Siri, Alexa of Amazon when we say that the future of web development seems to be becoming more and more speech activated rather than wordy. This year is very heavily expecting more and more things that are IoT and smart controlled to be voice activated and responsive in executing commands to a user’s voice. They expect them to even recognize external voices from around and provide service based on curated AI experiences.

This would most happily be the biggest influential innovation this industry has seen in the last ten to fifteen years you could say. See of course with the ease of access when it comes to just about anything, people would much rather prefer the use of as little muscle and energy as possible and in that light, speak instead of typing. This is why companies are now trotting about trying to figure out how to incorporate this into their business functions.

The web industry, a sub section of the vast and ever-growing tech industry is always ever changing, and you can never not learn something new on a daily basis if you were just to look into it a bit. So, make it a habit, learn something new every day.

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