Do Not Pollute the Mother Nature

The best thing you can do to protect the environment is to take steps to preserve, reuse. Start small, do your part by changing your daily habits.

To protect the environment, try to reduce energy and water consumption. Changing food and transportation habits to conserve natural resources. Use recycling to be more eco-friendly. As you make your lifestyle more eco-friendly, you can engage in activities to help others learn how to do it.

Be careful to minimize your plastic waste. Before you go shopping, ask yourself how plastic in the natural environment affects others. It can be as simple as buying a cup of peanut butter instead of individual portions. Or it may be difficult to decide which one is the most eco-friendly to buy. Avoid buying products that are usually over-packaged. Food companies often spend as much energy on food packaging as they do on real food. Do not buy what you do not need. No need to buy for longevity. Look for suggestions on how to purchase long-term products. Use eco friendly products.

Borrow or rent only the items you need for short-term or occasional use. Whenever you can, buy used clothing and furniture from thrift stores, wholesalers, and private sellers.

To save energy, switch off electrical appliances when not in use. As a rule, if you do not use it, turn it off. These include lights, televisions, computers, printers, video game and so on. Use the power meter to control multiple items with a single finger. You can connect all your devices to one power source. This is especially useful for the system settings on a computer. When done, turn off the power switch.

If you’ve struggled to remember to disable your devices and equipment, try buying a pay-per-view timer at your local hardware store or online. Set the timer to the same time each day.

Walk or bike when your destination is close to home. Surprisingly, short trips are usually more difficult than long trips to your car’s emission to environment. Next time, when you have to walk some distance, change your car to your foot or bike.

Make sure your child learns to ride a bike at an early age, as the benefits outweigh the risks.  Encourage schools to install bicycle racks so that children can ride bicycles to and from school. Always wear helmets and safety wears when riding a bicycle.

Use public transportation for an affordable, low-impact option. If you live in the area by bus, train or subway, use this option for work, school, or anywhere you want to go. Replacing private transport with public transport reduces traffic congestion: reduces the total amount of petrol used.

In many cities, most bus systems run on diesel or electric hybrid buses, which reduce harmful emissions.

Volunteer your time to create a better environment. You can help by picking up trash, fixing bikes, planting trees, gardening, cleaning rivers and educating others. Find an activity that suits your taste and take your time to help.

Volunteer with a group of friends, class, and church group. If coordinating volunteer work is not your job, do it yourself.