Vintage Style Options for Dresses

There are so many styles and designs when it comes to vintage dresses. You will be able to spot some of the common designs if you are an avid thrift store shopper who looks for unique vintage finds. There are so many online stores as well where you can find such clothing.

One of the common styles that you can find is the A-line vintage dress. It is a dress without sleeves and the dress is wider when it comes to the hem. So this creates the shape of an A. This is a very simple silhouette and you can dress it up in so many ways. There are also different patterns of fabric that can make this dress style very interesting. The hem can be to the floor or knee-length.

The bias cut dress clings to the figure and this style is immortalised in Hollywood fashion. Some of the fabrics that are used in this style of dress are jersey knits and silk. The folds of the dress fall gracefully and create a beautiful figure. These are great as evening gowns and bridal wear. This is also called the mermaid dress when it is fitted at the hips with a flare when it comes to the hem. This is a very popular style when it comes to bridal wear.

The fit and flare dress flatter the figure of the wearer. The bodice is fitted from the bust to the waist. There are different necklines that can be found in this style. The skirt flares out towards the hem. You can find many 1950s fashion dresses that have a fitted waist and a full skirt. These usually have belts as well that are of the same material as the fabric of the dress. A popular vintage dress style is the empire line dress where there is a seam just below the bust.

These are more of a comfortable style when compared to corseted dresses. Because the seam cuts off the dress at a greater height, it gives the impression of a longer body. The sleeves are often puffed or balloon sleeves. The dropped waist dress was popular in the early 1920s. The skirt is quite short and it is pleated. It has an extended bodice which is why it is called the dropped waist dress. One such example of this dress is the sailor dress.

The mini dress is still popular today. It is great for all body types whether you are lean or curvy. There are many modern versions of the mini dress and it is a popular choice when it comes to lingerie as well. The midi dress is a calf length dress that is flared towards the hem. There is also a fitted style of dress that will extend below the knee called the wiggle dress, aptly named because it can limit your movement.

The maxi dress is a dress that trails to the floor and it is made of different prints. There are many floral vintage maxi dresses that you can find online. This style is associated with hippie design mostly. There are glamorous versions of the maxi dress as well and you can experiment with different fabric choices for this style.